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Throughout many years of experience, the agents at Prompton Real Estate Services have become true experts on the local real estate market. We’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help you achieve your property goals. 

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Expert Knowledge of the Residential Tenancy Act


Residential Tenancy Office (RTO) Hearings


24/7 Emergency Service


Coordinate with Insurance Companies


Liaise With Strata Corporations


Monthly Financial Statements

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With our high level of expertise, relationships with third parties, and extensive advertising, you will gain the best tenants possible at the best rental rate possible.



Tenant selection includes a thorough screening of all applicants. Carrying out credit and reference checks along with employment and income verification. Once approved, a detailed Tenancy Agreement would be signed with our added addenda to further protect our client's investments.

Account Management

Full-scale accounting services include Non-Resident NR4 Declaration, Empty Homes Tax, Strata Fees, Insurance Coordination, and confidence the funds are held in a trust account.

Repair & Maintenance

Our loyal fleet of trades and handypersons are insured, familiar with all condominium repairs, and provide preferred pricing that is passed on to our clients.

Rent Collection

Strict protocols for rent collection and lease terminations are enforced. Security deposit deductions are dealt with before the move-out, which stops the need to file an RTB hearing for residential accounts that have gone into arrears.

Financial Statements

Each month the owner will be provided with the financial statements (balance sheet and profit and loss statement). As well as real-time statements accessible through their online owner portal.

Strata Obligations

Property Managers are familiarized with the strata bylaws and rules and can enforce them when necessary with the tenants. Strata maintenance fees can be paid directly through your owner's account.

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Marketing Strategy

Properties are advertised to achieve optimal reach and low vacancy rates. Using advanced marketing analytics, Advertisements are tailored to individual property needs and owners' desires.

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Photos that Pop

Our experienced Marketing team knows that visuals matter. We ensure your investment gets the professional-level quality photography it deserves.

Studio Photographer

3D Virtual Tours

We use Matterports to elevate the user experience and give the ability to feel like you are walking through your new home with just a few clicks. Immersive 3D models are the most effective tool to truly capture your space.

Office meeting

Strategic Pricing

How do we guarantee low vacancy rates and optimal rental prices? From our Marketing Analytics team that specializes in knowing the market better than anyone else. We offer a full professional assessment of your property, with the data to back it up.

Interior Design

Available Rentals


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