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Metro Vancouver Real Estate Market November 2023 Update

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

As the countdown to 2023 draws near, the real estate landscape in Metro Vancouver is witnessing an extraordinary surge in housing options, providing homebuyers with an unprecedented variety not seen since 2021.

metro vancouver real estate market report november 2023

According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV), residential sales in the region experienced a notable uptick, reaching 1,702 in November 2023, reflecting a 4.7% increase from the previous year. Despite remaining 33% below the 10-year seasonal average, the growing number of active listings, as pointed out by Andrew Lis, REBGV's director of economics and data analytics, is contributing to a more balanced market. This trend is particularly significant during the seasonally slower period.

Key Market Statistics

In November 2023, 3,369 detached, attached, and apartment properties were newly listed for sale, marking a 9.8% increase from the previous year. The current total number of properties listed for sale sits at 10,931, showcasing a 13.5% increase compared to November 2022. These figures indicate a 3.7% rise above the 10-year seasonal average.

Sales-to-Active Listings Ratio

Analyzing the sales-to-active listings ratio for November 2023 reveals a balanced market, with percentages of 12.7% for detached homes, 19.8% for attached properties, and 18.2% for apartments. These ratios fall within the sweet spot, indicating stable conditions. Historically, when the ratio remains below 12% or surpasses 20%, it exerts pressure on home prices. The current figures suggest a flatter price trend in Metro Vancouver, following a period of over 7% price growth earlier in the year.

Market Trends and Future Prospects

In the words of Lis, while the market may not boast Cyber Monday discounts, prices have witnessed a slight decrease since the summer. With most economists anticipating a modest fall in mortgage rates in 2024, market conditions are arguably the most favourable for buyers in quite some time. This presents a unique opportunity for those looking to enter the Metro Vancouver real estate market or make strategic moves.

Sales Performance and Price Index

The MLS® Home Price Index composite benchmark price for all residential properties in Metro Vancouver stands at $1,185,100, reflecting a 4.9% increase from November 2022. Despite a 1% decrease compared to October 2023, this benchmark signifies a steady market. Sales of detached homes, apartments, and attached homes have all demonstrated positive trends, showcasing the resilience and attractiveness of the Metro Vancouver real estate market.

As we navigate the holiday season, the Metro Vancouver Real Estate Market offers a balanced landscape with an ample selection of homes for prospective buyers. With a steady increase in inventory, a favourable sales-to-active listings ratio, and stable pricing trends, the outlook for the market remains positive. This unique confluence of factors makes it an opportune time for those considering a new home purchase in the vibrant and dynamic Metro Vancouver region.

If you have questions about getting into the Vancouver housing market, contact us, your Real Estate and Property Management experts!

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